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About Sam Pari.

Sam Pari, is a Dutch Jazz & Country contemporary singer & songwriter.

At 8 years old Sam, was given a mixed tape by her uncle of a band called "Alan Parsons Project" that sparked an interest to become a musician and performer. She began writing short stories and poems which later on became an important part in her development as a singer & songwriter.

At 16, she was introduced to jazz and blues music. This would forever influence and develop her musical talent and ultimately mark her entrance into the world of professional music and entertainment.

In 2005, Eelco van de Meeberg, International jazz and tango guitar sensation spotted Sam in a Jazz Club performing with her quintet and impressed by what he heard offered to record an album with her together with his lifelong music associate and friend Christiaan van Hemert.

Both from different worlds and musical schooling, an artistic and personal relationship bloomed between the two and together they recorded their debut music collaboration album, suitably entitled “Acoustic Experience”.

An album title befitting the music, “Acoustic Experience” is a back to basics return to the musical roots of both writers. Among Jazz and pop influences, with a suggestion of American folk and country, acoustic experience is an unexpected real poetic album that captures the bloom of this musical collaboration.

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